watchmechange In the Wall Street Journal

The watchmechange Shockwave 3D tool developed by Brian Robbins at Fuel and deployed for the Gap made it into the Wall Street Journal today.

The article takes a surprisingly prim tone about the piece, which features an animated 3D character doing a bump-and-grind clad in underwear, which would seemingly be no racier than the dancing baby of “Ally Macbeal” or Tom Cruise’s long-ago dance in “Risky Business.” Non-violent, no nudity, putting on clothing (and taking it off). You’d think watchmechange would be about as uncontroversial as it could possibly be. Maybe Brian’s got some secret codes only the WSJ knows about.

Early reviews are mixed. Comments circulating on the Internet show that some people find it a great way to waste time at the office; others are uncomfortable watching it. “My immediate reaction is definitely negative,” says Lauren Schmidt, a 28-year-old account director at a technology public-relations firm in New York City. While it won’t stop her from buying the chain’s clothes, she says, “I have always regarded Gap as more tactful than that.”