Bringing Back the Big Picture

The Big Picture with A. Whitney Brown

I’ve been meaning to post this clip of an A. Whitney Brown “The Big Picture” segment from a 1986 Saturday Night Live for a while because:

  1. It’s pretty funny.
  2. It shows in a startlingly clear contrast just how bad Dennis Miller always was as a comic.
  3. It makes a point about how hair plays an (if you’ll pardon the phrase) overblown role in big-time success. The unfunny Miller, of course, has had several failed TV shows; A. Whitney Brown is — I believe — a writer for Air America Radio.
  4. It illustrates how nothing under the sun is really all that new. This piece aired almost 20 years ago, during the Iran-contra scandal, while the US was combatting the Nicaraguans who — we were told — were waiting to swarm over the borders of Texas, while we were supporting the Iranians who were supplying arms to Afghan freedom fighters/terrorists fighting the Soviets. Good times.

But I’m making sure to get it online now because of the general discussion by Mithras of the dearth of funny conservative bloggers (or, in my opinion, funny conservatives, period).