Russert Interview with Kos and Jerome

There’s this little-known cable channel called CNBC, and — like every other NBC property — Meet the Press‘ Tim ‘Punkinhaid’ Russert has a show there. On Saturday nights he does the Charlie Rose thing and has a guest or two on in front of a black backdrop. It’s all very low-key (and presumably low-cost — except for Russert’s salary — because they don’t provide transcripts on their site). Last week, though, Kos and Jerome appeared to promote Crashing the Gate, without much fanfare or advance notice at Daily Kos. A lot of people seem to have missed it and I haven’t seen any clips posted anywhere, but I managed to catch it in time for the West Coast and plug it into the DVR with minutes to spare.

This clip is from the end of the first segment (Quicktime, 4.6MB), where Kos and Jerome discuss the relative success of the parties at maintaining a national presence.

Tim Russert / Markos Moulitsas / Jerome Armstrong

Overall, I thought the interview went pretty well, although Russert was in his full-fledged “amuse me” mode and I just can’t get my head around the fact that he couldn’t manage to pronounce “Moulitsas” either correctly or consistently. It sort of reminded me of Glenn Beck’s (and virtually every other wacko pundit’s) mangling of the name of Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I say, if you don’t know enough about the subject to pronounce the name correctly, you aren’t well-enough informed to have a valid opinion. The same goes for “nuclear”.

Anyway, all of the pieces of the Kos/Jerome interview are up. They’re Quicktime, 18-23MB each and about six minutes in length, commercials cut out.