MAX Announced: Shockwave and Awe Update

The dates and venue for the 2006 Adobe MAX conference have been formally announced:

When: October 23-26, 2006
Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on plans for a small, one-day Director conference (Shockwave and Awe) on the day before MAX begins as a way of plugging the gap left by the diminishing number of Director sessions at MAXs past.

What response I’ve had has been enthusiastic, but there hasn’t been much so far — in part because I haven’t been able to make any kind of formal declaration before the MAX venue was announced (I’ve known the city for a couple of months but just found out about the hotel a week ago).

I’m looking for suggestions from you about what you’d like to hear discussed, what type of format you think a small Director conference should take, what you think a one-day conference tacked onto the beginning of MAX (but non-affiliated with MAX) would be worth, and — most importantly — whether you’d plan on attending either Shockwave and Awe or MAX or both. And if you think that the whole idea sounds stupid, or is doomed to failure, well, I’d like to hear your thoughts on that, as well — I haven’t signed a contract for any meeting spaces yet!

If you’re in the Vegas area and you have some ideas of a good (i.e. one that’s not going to bankrupt us if things go south) meeting venue near the Venetian, all the better.

Send any suggestions to dplant at!

And a big shout-out to Skip Kinkel at the Director Podcast for putting the name of my co-worker on show #18. I just caught up to it yesterday after being buried in stuff for a couple of weeks, and posted it on the company server, which made his day. I promise not to be so lacksadasical in the future.