Willing to Listen to the DLC

Yes, Will Marshall of the Democratic Leadership Council’s Progressive Policy Institute joined Karl Rove in impugning the patriotism of liberals, saying that they “seem torn” about it, accusing us of “anti-Americanism,” and decrying our fixation on Bush’s disaster in Iraq. “Decidedly dovish” is how he puts it, although he might as well have said décidément pacifique.

Still, I’m willing to listen to the leaders of the DLC: people like Tom Vilsack, Tom Carper, Hillary Clinton, and Artur Davis. All they have to do to get my attention is to tell the truth about Iraq, which, regrettably, they’ve failed to do so far. President Bush, famously, hasn’t been able to think of any mistakes he’s made in the war on terror. We know that there have been many, many mistakes made. When the leaders of the DLC are ready to start talking publicly about the mistakes that have been made in the prosecution of the war on terror, instead of, say, sex in video games; when they can act as something other than enablers for the Bush administration and start telling the American public the truth, yeah, I’ll listen to them.