Are you going to Bermuda?

Would you go there if you could?

Now, now

If you go there, plan on staying

Whether you like it

That’s the way

In Bermuda

Are you, are you Bermuda-bound?

Do it call like a siren sound?

It’s so high and it’s underground

But you never come back

Before you’re never found

In Bermuda

It’s just the innocent

Devil’s Triangle

It dares you to come down

That’s it’s angle

But the Devil is innocent

Like you

When the word you want

Is Master, Master, Master

In Bermuda

Bermuda, Bermuda, doesn’t call

It haunts you

Make you wonder

Make you want to go

Make you curious

Too much burn

But you never, ever

Will return

From Bermuda

Roky Erickson, “Bermuda,” Don’t Slander Me