They Ought to be Hospitalized

(Quicktime, 3.7MB / 2:39)

Michael Scheuer — former CIA bin Laden chief and author of Imperial Hubris — appeared with CNN’s Tom Foreman (who looks and sounds like he’s been studying Glenn Beck for some reason) and Barbara Starr on Saturday’s “This Week at War” for a chat about the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

FOREMAN: How do we have a face-saving way to get out when we have so many intelligence reports saying that if we step out of Iraq, step out of Afghanistan precipitously, that they will become breeding grounds for troubles that will come visit us?

SCHEUER: Well, they’re there now, sir. It is not a question of if it will happen. It is happening now. Whether we stay or whether we go from those two countries, they’re going to come after us in the United States.

FOREMAN: Isn’t that a huge argument for at least not running away from it?

SCHEUER: We shouldn’t run away from it, but we should be realistic. We have lots of aircraft carriers and lots of submarines. We don’t have a lot of troops. The idea that anyone thought they could control Afghanistan which is the size of Texas with 30,000 troops, a person of that description ought to be hospitalized.

Or impeached.