There Can Be Only One

Was listening to some of the reporting on the mission to kill Osama bin Laden on NPR this morning and the reporter made the classic Osama/Obama mix-up when she was talking about the “hunt for Obama.”

Now that OBL’s dead, presumably Barack Obama can run for re-election without having any of that nastiness cropping up, although I do wonder how soon it will be before some bozo starts a rumor that because Obama had bin Laden killed, he’s now in charge of al Qaeda.

EXTRA: Conspiracy nut Jack Bogdanski (yes, he’s one of the folks still pushing the Sarah Palin “Trig Birther” stories) has latched on to the idea that the speech last night by President Obama was timed to pre-empt Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe Jack doesn’t know about time zones. The news conference interupted the East Coast feed of Apprentice, but the West Coast saw the show with a delay, according to Entertainment Weekly.