The Region

Inspired by “Today On Holden’s Obsession With the Gaggle”:

Q But before the war, the President said that taking out Saddam Hussein would help stabilize the Middle East. Do you think that’s turned out to be true?

MR. SNOW: Hard to say. I mean, what you saw, for instance, was very swift change of behavior on the part of Libya. Certainly we continue to work closely with our other allies in the region.

Someone needs to get the White House some maps. Libya may be a neighbor of Egypt, it may be a country with an Arab population, but one thing it’s not is the “Middle East”. It’s in North Africa.

In fact, a few minutes with a copy of Google Earth or a quick trip to’s distance calculator would show that Tripoli — the capital of Libya — is more than 1800 miles from Baghdad. Here are some other calculations:

Baghdad, IRAQ to miles
Athens, GREECE 1205
Kiev, UKRAINE 1383
Moscow, RUSSIA 1588
Warsaw, POLAND 1755
Tripoli, LIBYA 1801
Rome, ITALY 1830
New Delhi, INDIA 1968
Berlin GERMANY 2035
Helsinki, FINLAND 2060
Copenhagen, DENMARK 2174

Taking Out Saddam: Bringing Change to Libya, Finland, and India aka “The Middle East”.