smart Sightings

After two-and-a-half months of seeing only one other smart on the road (except for the ones from the dealership), I thought we’d broken the string yesterday when we were driving back from the coast and pulled off of Highway 26 at the Sylvan exit behind an all-black hardtop. We were headed the same way, up to Barnes Road and down into town on West Burnside. When we pulled up next to it, it turned out the driver was Massimo Orsini from smart Center Portland, who’d sold us the car. So that didn’t count.

Finally, today, as I picked up Barbara from work, we ran across two. Both black hardtops. The first was crossing our path at SW Third and Madison on our way to the Hawthorne Bridge; the other was waiting to make a left turn across SE Hawthorne going the other way around 35th.

Greetings to our smart Portland comrades.