Sen. Gordon Smith [R-OR], Secret Francophile?

Previous entries on our state’s junior senator and his comments (which weren’t in the Oregonian but appeared in the LA Times) during a conference call for the Bush campaign on Thursday:

Later, Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) accused Kerry of advocating socialism within the United States and appeasement overseas.

I wrote a letter to Sen. Smith, as a constituent of his who happens to be of Franco-American origin, expressing my disgust at his bigotry of convenience and one to the Oregonian wondering why they hadn’t reported the remarks. Last night, I ran across Rodger A. Payne’s research into Smith’s own French ties (or should I say collaboration?), including a trip to Normandy for the D-Day commemoration just two months ago. Payne points out that Smith’s head shape isn’t terribly different from Kerry’s, the rest is an example of the level of hypocrisy even Republicans who paint themselves as moderates will stoop to.

More of the Times article:

“It’s not John Kerry’s fault that he looks French,” Smith told reporters on the conference call arranged by the Bush campaign.

“But it is his fault that he wants to pursue policies that have us act like the French. He advocates all kinds of additional socialism at home, appeasement abroad, and what that means is weakness for the future.”

Some Republicans have referred jokingly to Kerry’s ability to speak French and his physical appearance, but rarely has the reference found its way onto the campaign trail.