Reporting for Duty

Per Atrios and First Draft:

Senator Smith:

Yesterday, President Bush’s senior political advisor Karl Rove accused liberals of wanting to put American “troops in greater danger.” He said liberals wanted to “offer therapy” to the people who attacked the country on 9/11.

Do you agree with those kinds of statements? Do you believe that a person at the right hand of the President should be calling millions of Americans traitors? As a constituent of yours, I expect you to make it clear that this kind of demonization of American citizens by senior White House staff will not be tolerated. As a member of the president’s party and someone who campaigned for him last year, you should stand up publicly for the rights of all Oregonians, on the right and the left, and ask for a public apology from Mr. Rove, or failing that, his resignation.


Darrel Plant

Of course, I’ve never gotten a response for my letter about an apology to Franco-Americans.