It was almost two years ago when CNN executive Eason Jordan made a remark about Coalition forces deliberately targeting journalists in Iraq and was hounded out of his job by Michelle Malkin and others. Now, a lot of people are scratching their heads wondering why, at the launch of his IRAQSlogger site he would invite Malkin to Iraq to find the elusive AP source for the story of six men burned alive with kerosene, identified as police lieutenant named Jamil Hussein.

Malkin, apparently, doesn’t want to go “alone” with Jordan — and presumably a security detail and translators — so she wants to take along another blogger, who has expressed some concern that Jordan will set up a meeting with a “fake” Jamil Hussein. What a small imagination he must have.

Personally, if I were Malkin’s BFFI (Best Friend Forever in Iraq) I’d be more worried that Jordan would be inclined to drive us around Baghdad for days on end to the scenes of car bombings or drop us off at the edge of Sadr City.