By chance I happened to check in on Erica (The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook) Sadun’s iPhone SDK Google Group yesterday when she was trolling for someone with “modest success or struggles” to round out an online chat about iPhone development and the App Store. I don’t check in on the list every day, but I made a silly remark about having lost the struggle and Erica wrote back to invite me onto the panel.

Sometimes I think that I’m overblown in my own self-promotion — although the sales and downloads of Bedeviled might point that I haven’t actually been doing enough — but I certainly missed this opportunity, because I didn’t even think of mentioning the chat anywhere until the hour was almost over.

Anyway, if you’re interested in hearing what several successful developers (and me!) had to say about the current state of iPhone development, you can find the archive through TUAW: The Unofficial Apple Weblog.