Pepsi President Says America Is the Middle Finger

An interesting news item linked from the front page of the Huffington Post

Students graduating from the Columbia Business school MBA class of 2005 may have expected some fizz in a commencement speech by Pepsico President Indra Nooyi, an Indian-American acclaimed as one of the most powerful corporate executives in America and a putative CEO of the soft drink giant.


 According to some students who were present at the graduation ceremony and who fired up the issue in the blogosphere, Nooyi then reserved the remaining finger for the United States (and not North America, they say), launching into “a diatribe about how the US is seen as the middle finger to the rest of the world.”

Like all good programmers, I’m a Diet Coke drinker myself, but I certainly hope that Ms. Nooyi has the stamina to stick out the almost inevitable Bill O’Reily Pepsi boycott.