Party Like It’s 1994

I spent a good portion of the afternoon ripping up old Director manuals for recycling. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I just don’t need to keep them in boxes in my garage any more. Director MX manuals…gone. Director 8.5 manuals…gone. Director 8 manuals…gone. Same for version 7, 6 (I never bought the 6.5 upgrade), 5 and 4. Plus a bunch of Flash manuals, old books on Perl, UNIX, VBScript, and ActionScript.

What was kind of surprising to me was how thin some of those Lingo Dictionary volumes were. Director 7’s LD was about 300 pages. And the dates in them! It’s hard to remember, but there was a period in the late 1990s when it seems like versions of Director virtually flew by!

Anyway, one of the boxes held this little treasure, my badge from my very first Macromedia User Conference, in September 1994, held at the San Francisco Marriott.