Novak vs. Hooley

Wow. I didn’t know Oregon Representative Darlene Hooley was a “knee-jerk liberal.” But Media Matters quotes Robert Novak in a story today:

Novak wrong on Rep. Hooley’s record, wrongly accused her of hypocrisy

Syndicated columnist and CNN host Robert D. Novak accused Representative Darlene Hooley (D-OR) of hypocrisy for expressing concern about the lack of armor for U.S. troops in Iraq after — as he claimed falsely — she voted against funding the war. On the December 11 edition of CNN’s The Capital Gang, regular panel member Novak called Hooley “a knee-jerk liberal and professional politician” and stated: “It’s a definition of hypocrisy to complain about lack of armor on trucks after voting against giving the troops any trucks at all.” But Novak was wrong on Hooley’s record.