Moog Music

ARP 2600 synthesizer

A generation ago at Lane Community College, I took a class in electronic music during what the end of the pre-digital ega. Not being a particularly gifted musician and even less talented as a composer, I didn’t contribute much to the world of synthrock. Like many others, however, I was intrigued by the sounds of synthesizers. My only contribution? A John Carpenter-inspired theme for the soundtrack of my parody script Escape from Eugene (in which Eugene, Oregon had been converted into an asylum by surrounding it with a forty foot rubber wall).

LCC provided us with an ARP 2600 — a thing of patch cables and knobs that could emit some unearthly squeals — but I remember that I wanted to be working on one of the real machines. One of the machines named for the man who was literally synonomous with the word synthesizer: Bob Moog.

Rest in peace, Mr. Moog.