MAX 2005: My Dinner With Andy [and Tom] (4pm, 17 October)

During the late afternoon, Andy Phelps — tenured professor at Rochester Institute of Technology — and Tom Higgins — Macromedia’s product manager for Director — retired to the sports bar in the Anaheim Hilton, where the night before White Sox fans had been spraying champagne around to celebrate the win over the Angels in some sort of championship.

No, Tom did not tell us any secrets, despite our attempts to ply him with liquor. Technically, we didn’t have dinner, just nachos. I did, however, introduce Tom to a drink he seemed to like — which I, in turn, found out about from my brother’s friend Todd Gentry — the Brave Bull:

Brave Bull

1 shot tequila
1 shot Kahlua®
put ice into tumbler, pour shots into tumbler over ice.

I hereby declare this drink the official cocktail of Director developers.