Letter to Oregon Public Broadcasting

It is with some dismay that I see that OPB has decided to air Tucker Carlson’s “Unfiltered” talk show. I’ve been a devoted OPB listener and viewer (and member) for years and have appreciated its more or less balanced coverage of news and current affairs, even when those views seemed ill-reasoned from my perspective, at least there was some shred of evidence and documentation.

Carlson, however, is another beast entirely. If he was presented as a commentator within the context of a news show, it would be one thing, but to make a decidedly partisan commentator who has a long history of lying, sexist comments, and name-calling the host of what is ostensibly a public-affairs program reduces the credibility of OPB.

I’m sorry to say it, but I regret the fact that my membership was recently renewed. I certainly hope that Carlson’s show fails to draw an audience, but if it’s still on the next time I get a renewal, I’m afraid that won’t be forthcoming.