Katrina In Charge

Sometimes things just don’t come out right when you’re talking off-the-cuff with reporters.

In an article from the latest issue of Willamette Week on emergency preparedness (“Lessons from Katrina”), Dr. Bill Long, the chief trauma director at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital says:

As we learned in Louisiana, there has to be someone in charge who knows what to do.

Of course, this isn’t a lesson that we had to learn from Hurricane Katrina. Someone who knows what to do is essentially the definition for the type of person you want to have in charge and it has been for a long time. Which is why so many of us were opposed to the idea of having George W. Bush — not to mention the many, many Democratic and Republican politicians who have helped cover his ass for the past five years — as the “leaders” of this country.

What we’ve actually learned from Katrina (well, those who weren’t already aware of it) was that the people in charge don’t know what they’re doing.