INM At 20

Darrel Plant and Vahe Kassardjian at MAX 2003

Anyone who is reading this blog for its now non-existent Director content already knows about Integration New Media (INM). I can’t even remember the first time I learned of their existence, it was such a long time ago, and they’ve been such a vital part of the Director community, with some of the first entries in database and PDF control Xtras.

So even though I haven’t really done anything with Director other than open up a couple of old projects (and, admittedly, do a 1-day Shockwave3D prototype of the iPhone game I’m working on) for a couple of years, I’m more than happy to spread the word about INM’s 20th anniversary. The various folks from INM with whom I met (they threw some nice get-togethers at conferences), talked to, and corresponded over the years were always great to deal with, and I’ve long hoped I’d have a reason to get to Montreal to visit in person.

That’s me and INM president and co-founder Vahe Kassardjian up top, at the 2003 MAX in Salt Lake City. Happy 20th, Vahe and INM!