Humor Gone Feral

Over at Jack Bogdanski’s blog, he resurrects a video from a simpler time in Portland’s civic history. Last fall, to be precise, after Sam Adams had locked up the mayoral race, and was celebrating with fellow City Commissioner Randy Leonard and singer/reality-show personality Storm Large at the Candidates Gone Wild party:

Decent people, I warn you: it’s not safe for work. Indeed, it’s not even safe to look at if you just want to keep living here.

I have no problems (as many of the commenters at Jack Bog’s do) with the language or crudity of the video (although I don’t find those things funny in and of themselves) but what’s amazing about it to me is just how flatly unfunny the whole thing is.

The idea that public officials have to maintain some false sense of “dignity” is also a crock so far as I’m concerned, but you’d hope that they’d at least have the good sense to not participate in something that makes them (i.e. Randy Leonard) seem mentally deficient. (Couldn’t the “writer” come up with some synonyms for “hussy”?) Of course, Adams may have been in the restroom when the good sense was being passed out.

With all of the truly talented people in this town, you’d think that they could have come up with someone to expunge this line from the credits: “Written by Storm Large”.

Though it does all set one to speculating about next fall’s Candidates Gone Wild….