The smart hit the 15,000 mile mark on the trip back from the Bay Area, right about the time I made it to McMinnville. I kept forgetting to look down, even though I knew it was coming up, but just changed to catch it at exactly the 15,000 mark.

Still didn’t see any other smarts on the trip, although I did get a flash of something about the right color of yellow on Monday morning (I had to stop in Yreka about 12:30am or brave the rest of Siskiyous with glasses not really optimal for seeing at distance in the dark) in the Willamette Valley, on the other side of the freeway, heading south. Not as exciting as the trip south, although I could swear that I saw a large mound of dirt with dead sheep piled on it and a couple of large tractors in a field just off the freeway north of Albany.