GDC2006 Post VII: Booth Babes

Before I left for the show, someone asked me if there were “booth babes” at GDC. I replied that I really hadn’t seen many in my previous visits — certainly nothing like you hear about at car or boat shows — mostly women who worked for marketing or HR departments within the companies they were representing. And truth to tell, I didn’t see many in evidence at this year’s show, except for the booth at S3 Graphics, which was promoting its rendering technology with a Quake 4 tournament and a bevy of women in black dresses, some of whom had tattoed designs on their shoulders. Another company providing animation services had what looked like Japanese schoolgirls in French maid outfits, but I felt that taking a picture of them was just too pervy.

On the other end of the spectrum was +7systems. It just looks like he’s holding her hand.