GDC2006 Post VI: The Tortoise and the Turtle

Bunnies and turtles abounded at the GDC this year. Seemingly inspired by the PLAYBOY logo, I saw at least five variations of the white rabbit silhouette on a black backgound, of which this poster was but one (the text under each of the pairings reads: “Multiplayer / Matchmaking / Cross-Platform). Of course, with a name like DemonWare, you don’t need to worry if someone’s offended by outlines of copulating bunnies and turtles.

It’s that last pairing that intrigues me, however, as at another booth for a rendering product called Turtle, I made an obvious joke about the mismatch of a rabbit’s head with the name of the product, only to be put promptly in my place by a young man mentioning that it was an allegory to the fable with the moral “slow and steady wins the race”. Too much of a literalist I; when I learned that fable it was a hare and a tortoise, not a rabbit and turtle. No poetry award for me.