From the Vaults of TIME, III

Rather than stick to TIME writer John Cloud’s juxtaposition of Ann Coulter and Stalin and Hitler (or Michael Moore or Eric Alterman), I looked for someone who more closely embodies the same spirit of venom-spewing. And I remembered David Duke, onetime Louisiana state representative, author of Jewish Supremacism and other titles, felon, and former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. While I was looking around his site, I noticed that while he still has some choice things to say about immigrants, Jews, African-Americans, and Jews, he was against the Iraq war — apparently because he believes it to be a Jewish plot — and figured that I’d try to anticipate TIME’s response to the criticism of the Coulter cover with this fourth installment in my little series (previously featured: Hitler and Stalin, and Idi Amin). It also gave me the opportunity to do a closer parody of the original title:

David Duke: Mr. White