Eschacon in Crappy Pictures

Eschacon is sooo last weekend, and I’m probably the last person who was there who will have anything to post, but then I’m possibly too single-track to write posts and pay attention at the same time. Heck, I don’t even like to take notes. But here are a few photos, starting with the requisite panels, in the order of the day.

Having an Impact

Eschacon: Having an Impact
Digby, Jane Hamsher, NTodd, Atrios

Comedy and Political Critique

Eschacon: Comedy and Political Critique
watertiger, Trex, The Rude Pundit, Ted Rall, Thers

Creating Constitutional Accountability

Eschacon: Creating Constitutional Accountability
Scott Horton, Kagro X, Eric Johnson (Chief of Staff, Rep. Robert Wexler), Bob Fertik

Media Bias

Eschacon: Media Bias
Will Bunch, Eric Boehlert, Susie Madrak, Athenae, Spocko, Douglas K. Smith

DFH Economics

Eschacon: DFH Economics
Paul Krugman, Atrios, Echide of the Snakes

I don’t think I have much to add to the accounts of the panels. There was some decent liveblogging from Sinfonian. I was rather pleased to spend most of the day sharing a table with Spocko, his wife, and Athenae, among others, and to have gotten in the first question (on one of my favorite topics, fact-checking editorials and opinion pieces) during the Media Bias panel.

Just a few other photos to share. The Rude Pundit, in full tilt mode during the Saturday party:

Eschacon: The Rude Pundit Performs

Jane Hamsher, blogging during The Rude Pundit’s performance:

Eschacon: Jane Hamsher Blogging

And the photo I emailed to Jane of the Rude Pundit’s doll that she told me she wasn’t going to use in her post.

Eschacon: The Doll