Distortion Effects

Alex Uhlmann of Adobe Consulting has a blog post about his MAX 2006 presentation (including PDF notes and source code) on a Flex-based 3D distortion engine.

The sample application shows a dummy multiple-screen user data system mapped onto a virtual cube. The distortion engine parameters can be modified by settings above the entry area (type of distortion, speed, etc.) and the buttons on each side control how many sides side rotations are performed in each transition. (You can enter any information into the system that you want, the buttons on the interface don’t actually do anything.)

It’s a proof of concept and somewhat crude — if you hit a button twice in succession you get overlapping images — but as the person who wrote the original versions of the Sprite Transition behaviors in Director’s Behavior Library, it’s interesting to see the types of effects the newer versions of Flash allows users to build. Certainly, it looks as if the Sandy open source 3D engine Alex mentions deserves a look.