BrainBench Presses Out Test for MX2004

Curious about your own knowledge of Director’s ins and outs? BrainBench Employment Testing is looking for beta testers for their Director MX2004 online exam.

Be warned: you do have to go through a two-stage registration process. You get something like an hour for each question (at least in the beta) and you’re encouraged to offer comments on the quiz. There are 20 questions.

According to the folks at BrainBench, high scorers (max is 5) are sometimes contacted to be “cleaners” who help get the test finalized (and get paid $400).

I took about 20 minutes to whip through and got a 4.4, but I had to sort of rush through the last few questions because I was late for a meeting. I’m humbled because I’ve heard others managed to get 5s, but I’ll have to console myself with old memories of my win at “Who Wants to Win Gary Rosenzweig’s Stuff?” at the 1999 UCON (I’ve been told that you can retake the beta test to increase your score, if you wish).