A Different State of the Union

Don’t want to wait for the State of the Union speech tonight? Want to get to the drinking earlier than 9pm Eastern? Well, I can help.

A couple of years back, Stan Ridgway, the lead singer for the 1980s band Wall of Voodoo (“Mexican Radio”) and his wife Pietra Wexstun put out an album called Barbeque Babylon, under their alternate band name: Drywall.

The CD has a hidden bonus track Stan composed, which is built from the 2003 SotU — with a little bit of a beat and just a few edits to make the meaning more clear. You can go to Stan’s Download page and grab it for free (look for the second entry on the page, “hidden bonus track # 16”) or you can just click here and listen for five minutes and get it all over with.