Zell Miller Gets All Compassionate Conservative In Your Face

From the CBS website, the caption reads:

“Democratic Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia gives the keynote address at the Republican National Convention Wednesday in New York.  (Photo: AP)”

Jawohl! I can’t find a similar angle for a separated-at-birth matchup of you-know-who, and the Photoshopping of this particular photo I will leave to others.

Y’know, Zell made a big deal of his being a Marine Wednesday night. Does anyone know if he actually ever saw combat anywhere? His web site bio (in the process of shilling mercilessly for his books) mentions that he joined the Marines in August of 1953, after dropping out of Emory and ending up in the drunk tank. It says he spent three years in the service, at NTS and Camp Lejeune. The Korean War armistice was signed the month before he joined up, there’s no mention of an overseas posting in his bio. Curious, no?