Who Coulda Thunk 4?

Following up on the idea of Colin Powell being considered for a Katrina Czar, apparently he’s been interviewed by Barbara Walters for Friday night’s “20/20” and expresses regret for making false statements about Iraqi WMD at the UN two-and-a-half years ago.

Not that he was willing to stand up and tell the truth after he found out they were wrong. And, in Bush administration tradition, he “doesn’t blame former CIA Director George Tenet for the misleading information.” He drops the fault on “some lower-level personnel in the intelligence community.” Those bad apples.

But what floored me was that he’d use the phrase highlighted below after the past couple of weeks. Sure, he used it talking about Iraq, but still….

When Walters pressed Powell about that support, given the “mess” that the invasion has yielded, Powell said, “Who knew what the whole mess was going to be like?”

If that doesn’t disqualify him from leading relief efforts in the wake of Katrina, I don’t know what does.