Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: What Happened to Hillary?

In January 1998, nearly eight years ago, Hillary Clinton made her famous remark about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to Katie Couric on NBC’s “Today” show, denying allegations of an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“That is not going to be proven true,” Clinton said. She said she was fighting the charges “not only because I love and believe my husband” but for the sake of the nation.

“Bill and I have been accused of everything, including murder, by some of the very same people who are behind these allegations,” she said. “So from my perspective, this is part of a continuing political campaign against my husband.”

Of course, she was wrong about Bill even if she had the conspiracy pegged.

But why does he get the benefit of being the target of a conspiracy when — now that the people who tried to drive him out of office are in charge of the country — the American people are their targets? There have been some pretty outrageous things going on the past five years. Why won’t Sen. Clinton stand up for us like she stood up for Bill? Does she think the conspiracy just went away, that it was only targeted at her and Bill? Did the Monica thing change her mind about the conspiracy? Does she now think that the conspiracy she needs to worry about consists of flag-burners and game developers?

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