The Center Is Never Wrong

Most of the comments I’ve seen about Markos Moulitsas’s interview at Radar Online last year have had to do with his claim that “Bill Clinton destroyed the Democratic Party”. I’m down with that.

Where he’s completely off base though is this:

You can lose with all your convictions intact and that’s great—now we have George Bush with hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq because of the left’s insistence, via Ralph Nader, on putting purity above practicality.

Is it ever not the left’s fault in the minds of these Johnny-come-lately Democrats? Right, it was the left that made Al Gore too stupid to take down someone like George Bush in the campaign. It was the left that made Al Gore pick Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

Poor the candidates. Always beholden to the whims of the left. People used to blame the length of the Vietnam War on the large demonstrations that enraged people in the ’60s and ’70s. Well, we haven’t exactly had anything equivalent going on, but the Iraq War’s still lasted five years and it’s not ending anytime soon, so I think that excuse is just about used up.