That’s a Reinhard…I Say That’s a Reinhard, Son!

torridjoe at Loaded Orygun says he had a bucket at the ready when he wrote a post in which he had to sort of agree with the Oregonian‘s David Reinhard on similarities in the struggle between top-position candidates (like Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination and Jeff Merkley for Democratic candidate for Oregon Senator) and their primary challengers (Barack Obama and Steve Novick, respectively).

I thought I once posted a piece where I had to agree with the O‘s Bad David (as opposed to David Sarasohn) on something but I either wrote that as a letter to the editor or it was just some memory of a hellish nightmare.

On the other hand, I have to wonder out of which hole Reinhard pulled the word “speechifying” of when he described the Obama/Novick half of the equation as:

And in this corner, the super-charged challenger, the hot new kid on the block who makes up in pizazz, speechifying and life story what he lacks in public-office experience…

To me, anyway, that sort of has the smack of Tony Snow’s use of “tar baby” a year or two ago. It’s not flagged as derogatory in my online references, but then “tar baby” isn’t either. It’s just a little odd that Reinhard pulls out the Foghorn Leghorn/Pogo language for highfalutin disquisition when he’s talking about Obama who is — ahem — African American.s