One-Sided Debate At NPR, Take 25844

In his “Morning Edition” report on Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates and his options on Iraq, NPR’s Guy Raz interviews four people for their opinions:

  • Gen. Jack Keane (ret.), a former Army vice chief of staff who was involved in the planning of the Iraq war;
  • Richard Perle, the former Pentagon advisor who was one of the chief proponents of the Iraq war;
  • Danielle Pletka, a fellow at the “center-right” American Enterprise Institute who argued in January 2003 that an invasion of Iraq was needed to show al Qaeda that the “U.S. is a power to be reckoned with”; and
  • Gen. Joseph Hoar (ret.), a former CENTCOM chief who — while a critic of the war currently — says “getting out is not the answer”.

Two former military officers, one of whom was involved in planning the war. Two hard-core civilian advocates of the war. That’s some wide-ranging perspective.