It’s Always Good to Know You’re Useful for Something

Alan Levine, the long-time force behind the Director Web site, mentioned the other day that my 1996 book Shockwave! breathe new life into your web pages is still useful to him. He’s using it to prop up one side of the Apple XServe unit on which he runs the CogDogBlog site. He says another Shockwave book holds up the other side of the unit, but that it’s too much trouble to look to see what it is. At least I’m not the other author!

[UPDATE 13 October 2005 21:12] I was rushing out the door to a meeting before I posted this, and I should have mentioned the contributions of several people to the book:
Dave Yang
, who provided a short game discussed in the book and has gone on to great things with Flash;
Eric Coker
, who was but a wee lad when he put together the CD-ROM for the publisher (and who has an
eye for captions of sf/fantasy convention photos
; and most of all
David Duddleston of Violet Arcana
, who provided material for an entire chapter on audio.