Digitized Decade 2: I See Stephane Comeau!

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Director Advisory Council 2001

It’s the latest game sweeping the nation! This three-photo panorama was taken at the first event I attended with my then-new digital camera, ten years ago today. It’s a meeting room in Macromedia HQ where a number of Director developers were given a close-up look at Shockwave 3D (then nicknamed “Tron”) which would be released at the Macromedia User Conference the following spring. Name as many developers as you can!

Here’s a preliminary agenda for the upcoming Tron Beta Seminar here at Macromedia January 18th and 19th (1 week away!). So far we’ve got 46 attendees, with room for 53. Submit requests for attendance directly to me. Hope to see you here. (Note the special opportunity for showing your own stuff to the group Thursday evening)

Thursday January 18th

Time Session / Speaker

9:30am Hello and Introductions / James Khazar
Coffee & doughnuts

10:00 Tron Basics Seminar
Terry Schussler
Terry’s a great teacher and he’ll
be giving us a good part of a day
with a high-level overview of what
it takes to get cool stuff built
with Tron. Lunch in there somewhere.

5:30 Q&A / Terry & Engineering
Your chance to ask the experts
about Tron

6:00 Snacks and Show&Tell
to Several of our partners and your
when- fellow developers have a chance
ever to show off some cool stuff.
>>> If you’d like to participate,
>>> let me know directly.

Friday January 19th

Time Session / Speaker

9:30am Good Morning Mixer

10:00 3D Max Optimizations and Workflow
Jeff Abouaf, our resident 3D Max
expert will show you the tricks
and gotchas of bringing your
3D Max models into Tron.

11:00 3D Behaviors
Kraig Mentor, Director Engineer
and author of the new 3D behavior
set talks about their use and
other lingo goodies.

12:00 Tron Tips
Tom Higgins, QA staffer and
3D aficionado demonstrates his
vast knowledge of Tron.

12:30 Lunch & Demos
How’s Pizza sound?
See some cool short demos.

2:00 Multiuser Server
David Simmons, the Godfather of
MUS, shows off the new features.

2:30 QA Scenario Test
Christophe Leske and Buzz Kettles
walk you through our Zoombot
case study.

3:00 Sapient’s Real World Experience
aka Human Code, they’ve developed
some complete projects for us with
and will take you through their
experiences with Tron.

3:30 Engineering Team Managers Tell All
Meet the Director Team managers

4:00 Marketing and Promotional News
Find out how we plan to make Tron
the biggest thing to hit the web
since browsers and how we can help
promote your Tron infused site.

4:30 Q&A part duex
Last chance to put your questions
directly to the team

5:30 End of Day

The Digitized Decade is a look back at the first year of our entry into consumer digital photography.