If It Weren’t For Bad Luck I’d Have No Luck At All…

Hee Haw! It’s official! I have the worst luck!

Darrel's rating from Poker Luck Meter

According to their analysis of 1,600+ Texas Hold-‘Em hands I played in both tournament and ring games at Full Tilt Poker over a period of three months, Poker Luck Meter says that my luck was at “0% – The bottom 1% of worst possible luck.” The kind of luck where, despite the fact that I got back-to-back four-of-a-kind hands the other night, I still lost the tournament. So I guess it’s fortunate that I haven’t had the kind of bankroll that might lead one to become a professional poker player — I’d only last about ten minutes, according to this.

I have not yet found a tool to analyze the rest of my life.