My Buddy Went to Sturgis and All He Got Was a Racist T-Shirt

Some years back, one of the guys I shared an office with was an attendee at the Sturgis biker rally in August, where this year John McCain spoke and suggested his wife might participate in the (sometimes topless and/or bottomless) Miss Buffalo Chip pageant. My friend was a solidly middle-class graphic designer who had a nice Harley, and he and a couple of buddies headed out there several times while we worked together.

One of the years he came back with a t-shirt that was just blatantly racist. It was a fairly well-done piece of t-shirt design, but the words on the shirt were hard to ignore, and I told him so. He didn’t wear the shirt into the office any more.

But I doubt that things have changed there much in the past decade. So I have to wonder if McCain’s visit to the land of a thousand (and probably many more) racist t-shirts will go unnoticed.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Rude One for the link. Could the campaign media covering the McCain visit possibly have missed the racist materials available at Sturgis? Perhaps, like my friend, they just thought it was all in good fun.