Song For Tom Friedman

You better top up your suntan

Otherwise your skin is gonna turn to leather

We made a movie in Vietnam

Tax break said “we’re gonna shoot on location”

The rug says made in Korea

Manufactured in a factory using cheap labor

And all over Asia, Third World becoming

a major league player

Mass production in Saigon

While auto workers laid off in Cleveland

Hot Jacuzzi in Taiwan

With empty factories in Birmingham

now it’s Baby boomers in Hong Kong

and Cowboys in Vietnam

Makin’ their movies

You better top up your suntan

Looks like we’re in for heavy weather

Economic meltdown

Nobody said it would last forever

Let’s make a movie in Baghdad

Take the culture right to the Third World

Blow up a brand new Civilization

In the name of Globalization

Big confusion in Hollywood, now it’s

American major league in japan

Hamburger in China, with

Sushi bars in Maine and Boston

The dollar sign said expand, now it’s

Cowboys in Vietnam

Makin’ their movies

Watch out, ride off with your

debts into the sunset

—Ray Davies, “Vietnam Cowboys,” Workingman’s Café