Shockwave and … Ahhh, Crud

We’re less than three months from the date for the Las Vegas MAX and the Shockwave & Awe Director event I’ve been planning since last year at Anaheim.

But it’s not gonna happen.

I always considered it a long shot — the number of people in the Director seminars at UCON/MAX has seemed exceedingly small in recent years — but I’d hoped that there might be people who were interested that might have been otherwise occupied during the few Director sessions, or that some people might come to MAX for other things if there was a Director-related event preceding it. That might be the case, still.

But if the number of responses I got to the various inquiries I made was any indication, I misjudged things. The quantity of people willing to express interest — without even being asked to make any kind of commitment — is very, very small. Like less than three dozen small. Without a larger base of interested developers to draw on for attendees, there’s no justification for signing a contract for space in Vegas. I know the place is supposed to be for gambling, but that’s just plain crazy…

So I’m officially calling off plans for Shockwave & Awe 2006. If I can figure a way to make it work out, either in conjunction with another event or as a standalone, I hope to do so. Heck, Authorware still has conferences, Director ought to be able to field something of the sort.

Of course, there’s no reason to wait for me, anybody who can come up with a viable plan could do the same. It’s not like I’ve got some sort of evil control over the Director community.