Serial Numbers

I curse the day that I ever let Macromedia sucker me into signing up for DevNet.

I’m trying to install CS3 Studio on a new Mac laptop and I can’t find my printout of the DevNet serial numbers for the individual applications, and Adobe’s customer service is telling me that DevNet isn’t an acceptable upgrade path to CS3, even though the applications available through DevNet were all MX2004 apps, although I somehow managed to get them working on my desktop machine.

A combined 32 years of buying and upgrading Adobe and Macromedia products and it comes down to waiting on hold with some horrible pop tune repeating endlessly in my ear waiting for tech support to probably tell me they can’t help me. [I take that back. It took a while, but I finally managed to convince them that DevNet included access to MX2004 apps and got an unlock code. I’ll probably find that folder tomorrow.]