Scarborough Cedes Michigan to Canada

On the June 16 edition of Scarborough Country the S-Man starts off with a “Joe’s Real Deal” segment that takes Michael Moore to task for factual errors and for being a hypocrite. About two sentences into the piece, Scarborough calls him a “Canadian” filmmaker. Last I looked, Moore — a native of Flint, Michigan — was still an American citizen; so much for the hypocritical Scarborough’s facts.

Joe’s bookers aren’t doing him any good, either. One of the three guests he had on (in addition to the guy who’s putting out what looks to be an inane film called Michael Moore Hates America) was Stuart Sender. Scarborough threw four Moore “lies” at Sender and asked him — as someone who’d worked with Michael Moore — to explain why Moore was lying. Sender thanked Joe for having him on, then explained he’d never worked with Moore, he’d merely shared the stage with him as part of a pre-arranged agreement between the documentary nominees at the 75th Academy Awards that whoever won would invite everyone up.

[update: Thu Jun 17, 2004 13:23 -0700] David Brock’s Media Matters has picked this up. I sent it to them, but I don’t know if they got it from me or elsewhere.