Question for John Edwards

John Edwards did a town hall here in Portland a couple of weeks back. I tried to get there to ask a question but got held up in a traffic jam on I84 and didn’t make it. But this is what I would have asked him if I’d made it and been lucky enough to get the opportunity:

A January 2007 New Yorker article reported you saying:

“I was on the Intelligence committee so I got direct information from the intelligence community. And then I had a series of meetings with former Clinton Administration people. And they were all saying the same thing.”

How does that square with Sen. Durbin’s statement last week? Who were the people who gave you incorrect information about the threat Iraq posed? Finally, do you have any idea who those people are currently advising and would they have any role in your administration’s decisions on national security and foreign policy?

I’ve tried getting answers from the Edwards campaign on that topic for four months now with no response.