NBC Peddles the Pope, Pushes Iraq Off the Air

Here’s the list of topics from the broadcast of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, for 15 April 2008:

  • Welcome to Nightly News
  • Pope confronts child sex abuse scandals
  • Inflation causes more wallet woes
  • McCain’s new math
  • The mothers’ side of the story
  • Did Texas oficials go too far?
  • Will Delta and NWA fuel more merger fervor?
  • Remembering Bob Curry
  • ‘God’s Rottweiler’: Pope Benedict XVI
  • Saved by salsa dancing

Notice anything missing?

If you go to the NBC web site, you can see a report titled “Deadly day in Iraq” about the car bomb that killed more than 40 Iraqis (and the other four bombings in Iraq yesterday) that made it the deadliest day in months.

But you won’t see that on the TV. At least not at NBC.