My Five Minutes Are Up

I was a little excited over the weekend because I’d gotten an email Thursday from a reporter at The New York Times about a little something I’d done back at the end of February.

Tired of the implication that Barack Obama’s middle name of Hussein was somehow a bad thing, I posted a short Spartacus-inspired video on YouTube in which I stated by name was Darrel Hussein Plant, then linked it here, to an iamhussein blog I set up, and at Daily Kos.

Apparently, while I was doing that, a number of other folks had come up with the same idea and after I posted mine I saw a couple of others, which I acknowledged.

And then I more or less forgot about it until Thursday, when one of the Times’ political reporters — Jodi Kantor — wrote me a note saying she was doing a piece on Obama supporters who were using Hussein as a middle name. I called her back, answered questions to the best of my recollection, and actually went back to look at what had sparked it for me (which she recounted, although I don’t know if I was the only source for it) buuuuuut she didn’t use my name.

Interestingly, however, I did find out that someone just set up today (according to the whois record), and apparently they put my Daily Kos posting on the front page along with the Times article.