A post from kos (based on an AP story) praised newly-minted Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley for siding with members of the Democratic caucus who called for Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman to be removed from the chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Problem is, AP changed their mind half an hour later.

(This version CORRECTS by DELETING Merkley from lawmakers who opposed Lieberman; Merkley did NOT oppose Lieberman.)

But I enjoyed one of the comments from poster Churchill (who did correct himself in a subsequent comment):

Meatley should replace Reid (2+ / 0-)

[UPDATE] The story never ends. Politico reported via “Democratic sources” that Merkley spoke out in favor of Lieberman. Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian says he expressed “disappointment bordering on anger” although he doesn’t attribute that to anyone (he does have direct comment from Merkley in the same piece, saying he “stopped just short of saying Lieberman should be stripped of his committee chairmanship.”)

Hard to pin down and he’s not even in office yet.