Letter to an Impotent Commie Loser

For the record, more correspondence from someone I shall not name, just in case I disappear under mysterious circumstances (I wonder how knowing about this letter — and any that follow it — would influence my decision to work for the author if I was a freelance Web developer, Flash designer, or Director programmer working in the Portland metro area):

Dear Mr. Plant:

It has been brought to my attention that like your friend Peter Sylwester, you seem to feel you have been ordained with a universal license to take liberties with other folks copyrighted/trademarked stuff. That is a real bad concept.

You are instructed to immediately remove the link to my Poetry website and all references to it and myself from your pathetic, commie, Loser website forthwith (that means now idiot). If I see it there Monday (January 15, 2007), you WILL find yourself in the receiving end of a Federal lawsuit in the Multnomah Federal court, and having the distinct displeasure of meeting my attorney, Mr. James Buchal, who is a trial attorney.

If you “guys” actually had anything on-the-ball, you would have more to do than play with Barbie dolls and whine like little babies to each other about your sad pathetic tales…. boo hoo. If Peter doesn’t comply per the Letter I sent him, we will tango. And this applies to you now.

There’s no “alleging” anything dimwit;

The U.S.C. is very clear on the statutory penalties for trademark/copyright and patent infringement and about what happens to the imbeciles like you who use ®-™-© materials without expressed consent, which neither you and/or Pete have ever had. The fun starts with a fine for “each use” of $1,000.00 (Federal fine). If either one of you wood-heads had even as much as a brainstem inside the space you think is your head, you could look it up; it is after all, online now.

Further, prior to sending Peter the Letter, we collected dated videos of the unauthorized Greets® materials that were seen/found on Peter’s site (again with your complicity and help), which have been preserved with the ones from 2002, for use as needed in Federal Court. The U.S.C. provides statutory fines (Federal) and attorney’s fees to the holder of the abused tradmark/patent/copyright. My friend Mr. James Buchal (also admitted to the Washington State Bar) will quite happily purse this matter if there is any timely failure to comply with my instructions. Costs me nadda, since the government (that you apparently hate) provides that; YOU will pay ALL my attorney fees and all the costs to kick your sorry asses in a court of law. We need only to show the court proof of the unauthorized usage (which we have in Spades), and unless you have a get-out-of-jail-free card, or a letter of consent signed by me (which you don’t have), YOU PAY.

And my warning now extends to you Mr. Darrell Plant (dba: Moshofsky/Plant – 3635 SE Alder St. – Portland, OR 97214); Mr. Buchal will effectively drain some chlorophyll from your wallet as well, if needed. You are hereby given notice that you must not link ANY of your web sites to ANY of my trademarked/copyrighted materials and/or any of my web sites (all inclusive). This applies to any and all sites that you host and or control. YOU DON’T HAVE ANY CONSENT WHATSOEVER FOR ANY SUCH USAGE.

You two Stinking Commies give honest programmers a real Bad name…. When you Work For Hire, you don’t get to Steal stuff away under any circumstances. It’s just NOT YOURS, AND IT NEVER BECOMES YOURS, EVER. Furthermore MORONS, things that are copyrighted, trademarked or patented ARE NOT YOUR THINGS TO USE FOR ANY REASON, or at ANYTIME; unless you have PRIOR written permission. What part of this don’t you mental-midgets understand??

And, if Pete had any honor (honesty), he would have asked for permission before his first unauthorized use in 2002, which was with your assistance, making you complicit in that crime….. yep, it’s a crime, look it up dummy!

IF he had the common sense of a house-cat, he would have done as most normal people and asked for consent to use MY STUFF at his site back then, and I would have most likely granted the consent. But NOT NOW. You want to play games and you’ll loose.

IMHO, your so-called “Blog” reads to me like a mutual admiration club for socially dysfunctional and impotent Commie losers like you and Pete. And you are clearly identified by Dr. Roseman’s article cited herein below. Here’s a link that YOU should use at your site and label it “All About Us”. (of course you’ll need permission from Mr. Roseman)


Here’s the Key paragraph for you and Peter:

Most often I see this in terms of software programmers or engineers who go off with an idea for a business. They are blinded by their brilliance at programming, or mechanical problem-solving because that comes easy to them. But try as they might, they can’t relate to people. They keep failing and don’t know why. And they will keep failing until they see that they have a blind spot with people and get somebody in there who is talented in that area.
© (Jack Roseman, who taught entrepreneurship for 13 years at Carnegie Mellon University, is director of The Roseman Institute, a subsidiary of Buchanan Ingersoll, and president of computer firm On-Line Systems. Contact him via e-mail at rosemanj@rosemaninstitute.com.)

Have a Nice Day {:-)

William Simpson

“They keep failing and don’t know why. And they will keep failing until they see that they have a blind spot with people and get somebody in there who is talented in that area.” Wow. I guess I should check in and see how successful the rich-media greeting card on a disk concept was. Or the idea of putting grocery store coupons on disks.

I’ve heard of Multnomah County court. I’ve heard of US District court, which is a federal court. But I’ve never heard of “Multnomah Federal court.”

Trademark infringement occurs when someone utilizes the mark of another party to deceive a third party. Copyright infringement takes place when you duplicate or make widely available content belonging to another party in part or in whole. Posting examples of your work at a private web site address for the purpose of showing it to potential employers? I think that would be stretching the concept.

Linking to someone’s site on the World Wide Web? Well, if the site’s out there, there’s nothing legally stopping anyone from linking to it (as opposed to framing it within other content) for any reason. If you put it out on the Web where search engines and anything else can find it, you really can’t complain when someone links to it.

You’d think that if he was going to file papers he could at least spell my name correctly. It must have been difficult to find my address, what with it being on my web site and all. And I really don’t understand his obsession with Barbie dolls.